What is kayamata

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What is kayamata

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Kayan Mata: Types , Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings

Discount Hotels in Kalamata. Kalamata All Inclusive Spa Hotels.This fantastic herb is used in northern tribes to enhance love and intimacy. Women have Kayan Mata, while men have their own version called Maganin Maza.

Kayan Mata can make your life better! Continue reading to find out! Kayan Mata is simply known as love enhancers. It provides better performance and greater experience for men. Some women can also say that it drives men crazy! Traditionally, Kayan Mata is created to keep married couples and loved ones together. You can find various types of Kayan Mata in different forms:. These types of Kayan Mata are usually used by women and transferred from one generation to another.

This type of aphrodisiac will literally keep your man coming back to you. Another traditional dish of Kayan Mata is called Tsumi. Kunun Aya is one of the best versions of Kayan Mata! Kunun Aya or Tiger Nuts Milk is one of the best dishes to make any man ready for an intimate session with his wife. Tiger nuts are the main ingredient of this dish.

It can be almost impossible to buy good Tiger Nuts outside Nigeria. If you see them, you might notice they are very dry. If this is the case, you will need to soak them in a plenty of cool water for one night. Another good way to enjoy these nuts is to strain them to make your Tiger milk.

Even Spanish people use this recipe! They call this drink — Horchata de Chufas. If you want to perform well, then you may need to take SIMI. This wonderful dish should be taken hours before your session.

You just need to mix some cold water, Kayan Mata herbs, and honey. Take this mixture a few hours before the performance. Zabuza Kama or red powder. This type of Kayan Mata can be drank with yogurt.

It can drive your man crazy with passion. The most interesting version of Kayan Mata is a specially prepared chicken. A newly married woman would eat this chicken before her wedding night. Kayan Mata is a special set of aphrodisiacs that can have been in use for years and the recipes are transferred from one generation to another. This tradition has a history of over five hundred years.

About eleven thousand babies are born every day in Nigeria. Kayan Mata is a special approach by Nigerians to maintain fertility. Also, it can be used to enhance physical intimacy and keep passion strong between the spouses.To save this word, you'll need to log in. Send us feedback. Accessed 16 Apr. Comments on kalamata What made you want to look up kalamata? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

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what is kayamata

Can you correctly identify these flowers? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Login or Register. Save Word.I was just as eager as you are the very first day I heard of the Kayan Mata Herbs.

That being the case I set out on a journey into researching on what the kayan mata herbs are, where the kayan mata herbs originated from and how the kayan mata herbs actually work.

Kayan Mata recipe: a step-by-step guide on how to prepare it

This article is very detailed for it contains everything you need to know concerning the kayan mata meaning, kayan mata sweets, side effects of kayan mata and as well the tiger nuts and fertility tit bits. Splitting the word into two halves, Kaya means property while Mata means woman. However, Kayan Mata is actually a herb s that serve as love or sex enhancers. They are a combination of herbs, fruits and spices. The Kayan Mata herbs originated from the Northern tribes of Nigeria and have actually been used as love enhancers for over five centuries.

These herbs were originally prepared to keep married couples and engaged people together but in recent times they have been seriously abused and are now being used my most young ladies to attract attention from rich men and make them buy expensive gift items for them. Kayan mata could be said to be the one of the most common herbs women in the northern part of Nigeria use in keeping their sex lives revamped. Herbs that could only be sourced for remotely in some northern states in Nigeria are now been sold in online stores, offline stores and basically anyone involved in the aphrodisiacs business.

Another important topic is the kayan mata sweets. The kayan mata sweets are made specifically for women to chew as a way of preparing them for what would go down at the dark hours of the day or ungodly hours of the night. They are required to lick these sweets during the day once they are sure they would have someone get them laid that night. It gives the lady a tingling sensation down there and could also turn women on that find it somehow difficult to get turned on during foreplay.

It would be okay to add that using the kayan mata herbs has nothing to do with your age or using it for personal gains from rich men. As far as you are married or sexually active you could indulge in using them. Most sexually active persons still rely on these herbs and even elderly ones too. The Tiger nut seems to be a very common recipe and so I would say one or two things about it.

They are very healthy too and you might need to soak them in plenty of water if you find them dry.

what is kayamata

One of the staffs in where I work makes this drink and trusts me I buy from her almost all the time. It is very good for people that find it hard to sleep at night too. To the very best of my knowledge there have been no heard or reported cases of any side effects. Those who sell these kayan mata herbs claims that they do not include jazz, voodoo or charms which I think I stand to agree with.

Just for the records, the kayan mata herbs are basically herbal sex supplements or sex enhancers. Where can you buy original kayan mata in Nigeria?

To follow her on Instagram please search for ourintimatesecret. Before we begin we would like to let you know that our second is solely a kayan mata dealer with a massive following of seven thousand plus followers on Instagram. I was very ignorant about all these herbs at first until I got a lead from a sister who has been staying in the north for quite some time now. She usually tells me how ladies are now using these Kayan Mata herbs to keep their men and how it really works with no spiritual attachment.

So my sister in the north decided to start-up something with me. She got a lead from one of the top dealers there and we decided to start selling.Kaya means property while Mata means woman. It is said to charm men into falling in love and lust but what are the health implications of this mysterious Northern phenomenon, Kayan mata? The practice is backed by years of culture and one that shows that for the women of the North, good sex has a price; an orgasmic one. This sex enhancing product is also effective in treating common sexually related issues such as Vaginal dryness, low libido, or lack of sexual satisfaction caused by circumcision.

How does this work? Tiger nut milk Kunun Ayafor example, one of the most common forms of Kayan Mata, has many health benefits. It is rich in amino acids, especially arginine, which is beneficial to those suffering high blood pressure, it helps circulate blood to the clitoris, giving you a serious arousal, similar to Viagra. Silky kola is Gordon tula, it has a sticky substance similar to Ky gel and Durrex play. All this was explained to me by my 81years old auntie, Retired professor Omoyajowo.

She said back in those days men had multiple wives and nothing like pre-intimacy existed, so, Imagine Alhaji with 4 wives, he visited each one different days of the week. Men seldom engaged in pre-intimacy back then to arouse a woman, so, Parents gave Kanyamata to their daughters as wedding gifts, to help ease painful penetration. The wife that used Kanyamata is well Lubricated and Alhaji spent more time with her because the sex was good.

The neglected wives will accuse the Kanyamata wife of bewitching the husband with Jazz. So ladies, no man is going to get hook on you cause you are using Kanyamata, but you will Enjoy yourself. Jaruuma Empire, charges a significant of money for Kayan Mata. There are many dangers with these new forms of Kayan Mata, and a lot of women do not seem to pay attention.

Anything that has to be inserted or clipped is discouraged as they can tear the cervical tissues or risk cervical cancer for the woman. Inserting substances containing high levels of sugar can also lead to yeast infections and increase the risk of the presence of cancerous cells over a prolonged period of time. This rise in unadulterated Kayan Mata products is particularly worrisome considering the burden of risk is placed on the woman who buys and uses the products rather than her husband who, more often than not, is the reason behind the purchase in the first place.

Now, more than ever, it is essential that attention is paid to the health implications of Kayan Mata products. By Adegoroye Dapson Adewuyi. I'm interested in going into this business.Kayan Mata refers to a collection of herbs, fruits, potions, oil, and other organic substances used by northern tribes in Nigeria to enhance love, intimacy and boost sexual satisfaction. It acts like a super aphrodisiac that provides better performance and greater experience while also enhancing bonding between a man and a woman.

Many of the herbs on the kayan mata basket have huge medicinal uses. The plant also has a wide range of pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal, antidiabetic, antimalarial, and antioxidant properties. In general, kayan mata can be categorized into 3 namely:. These group of kayan mata can increase the secretions of the vaginal walls, tighten the vaginamask or eradicate smell, and treat pain during sex.

This class of kayan mata keeps a partner coming for more. The libido boosting sub types of this kayanmata is highly sought after by men and women. Men with erectile dysfunction and women experiencing a low in sex drive depend on this for succor. There are varying dosage regimes for the sea of kayan mata in circulation. Although there are many health benefits of organic kayan mata as confirmed by a study published in the International Journal of Traditional and Natural Medicines, one of the major issues with herbal medicine is dosage and how herbs may affect health.

We often do not know the identity of the main active constituents or their quantities, nor how those quantities might vary among samples of the raw materials, or how they might be affected by the way the herbs or potions are prepared. Drug interactions are serious side effects of herbal medicine.

Many commonly used medications interact with herbs. Some Kayan mata may amplify the effect of the medication, as in the case of sedatives, anesthetics, and blood thinners.

Others may block the drug from working completely. This can lead to dangerous consequences. Discuss with your doctor if you are on any medication before using kayan mata especially if you are pregnant. Many Peddlers and vendors of kayan mata claim their products have supernatural powers that could help their customers keep or snatch a lover and get him to do whatever they wish.

It is important to note that mind control and favour extracting potions can sometimes lead to unexpected consequences especially those related to adverse mental health conditions. Some women who can previously get wet have reported inability to lubricate for sex after stopping kayan Mata.

If this happens speak to your doctor as soon as you can. Step 1: Wash fresh fruit properly to eradicate microbes and contaminants that may have come in contact with the fruit during harvesting and handling. Step 2: Extract the fruit ball by removing the shell casing to expose the pulp before proceeding to remove the seeds. Step 3: Chew the pulp to extract the slimy fluid until there are no fluid to suck but do not swallow the chaff. Step 4: You can also extract the goron tula juice from the fresh pulp by using a press.

Step 3: The extract can then be mixed with pineapple and lemon to boost coital enjoyment for couples. Step 4: When used by men, the lemon -pineapple mixture is a magic wand against premature ejaculation.

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Kayan Mata Herbs and How It Works

Dr Otorkpa. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The capital and chief port of the Messenia regional unit, it lies along the Nedon River at the head of the Messenian Gulf. The census recorded 69, inhabitants for the wider Kalamata Municipality, of which, 62, resided in the municipal unit of Kalamata proper.

The municipality Kalamata was formed at the local government reform by the merger of the following 4 former municipalities, that became municipal units: [2]. The municipality has an area of The municipal unit of Kalamata is subdivided into the following communities population according to the census and settlements within the district in brackets :.

what is kayamata

Its territory corresponded with that of the current municipalities Kalamata and West Mani. The history of Kalamata begins with Homerwho mentions Firai, an ancient city built more or less where the Kalamata Castle stands today.

It was believed that during ancient times the area that the city presently occupies was covered by the sea, but the proto-Greek and archaic period remains Poseidon temple that were unearthed at Akovitika region prove the opposite.

Kayan Mata - He will never leave you one minute if you eat this

Pharai was rather unimportant in antiquity, and the site continued in obscurity until middle Byzantine times. Kalamata is first mentioned in the 10th-century Life of St.

Nikon the Metanoeiteand experienced a period of prosperity in the 11th—12th centuries, as attested by the five surviving churches built in this period, including the Church of the Holy Apostles, as well as the comments of the Arab geographer al-Idrisiwho calls it a "large and populous" town.

Following the Fourth CrusadeKalamata was conquered by Frankish feudal lords William of Champlitte and Geoffrey of Villehardouin inwhen its Byzantine fortress was apparently in so bad a state that it could not be defended against them. Thus the town became part of the Principality of Achaeaand after Champlitte granted its possession to Geoffrey of Villehardouin, the town was the center of the Villehardouins' patrimony in the Principality. Prince William II of Villehardouin was born and died there.

In ortwo local Melingoi Slavic captains managed to capture the fortress of Kalamata by a ruse and, aided by of their fellow villagers, took over the entire lower town as well in the name of the Byzantine emperor, Andronikos II Palaiologos. Constable John Chauderon in vain tried to secure their surrender, and was sent to Constantinople, where Andronikos agreed to hand the town over, but then immediately ordered his governor in Mystras not to do so.

In the event, the town was recovered by the Franks through the intercession of a local Greek, a certain Sgouromalles. Matilda retained Kalamata as her fief untilwhen she was dispossessed and the territory reverted to the princely domain.

Kalamata remained in Frankish hands until near the end of the Principality of Achaea, coming under the control of the Byzantine Despotate of the Morea only in Kalamata was occupied by the Ottomans from tolike the rest of Greece.

Induring the long war between Ottomans and Venetians over Cretethe Venetian commander Francesco Morosinicame into contact with the rebellious Maniotsfor a joint campaign in the Morea, in the course of which he took Kalamata. He was soon after forced to return to Crete, but the Venetians returned in the Morean War. During the Venetian occupation the city was fortified, developed and thrived economically.

what is kayamata

However, the Ottomans reoccupied Kalamata in the war of and controlled it until the Greek War of Independence. Kalamata was the first city to be liberated as the Greeks rose in the Greek War of Independence.


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